OWLet 9: LED Animation Kit


Make your own lighting sequence that turns on and off based upon the amount of light it receives! Combining creativity with electronics, this kit offers an intermediate electronic experience.

Appropriate for ages 9 to adult



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Upon assembly, this kit lights up 9 LEDs in a pre-programmed pattern. The OWLet 9 is designed for portability, with an included battery pack to allow the kit to be carried anywhere. The kit is energy efficient due to it’s use of LEDs as the only source of light. LEDs are great since they use very low power but can be extremely bright! To increase the versatility of your new kit, you may extend the LEDs up to 20 feet (extra cable not included).

The OWLet 9 has been developed so that you can easily integrate it into another project upon assembly if desired. Use it to decorate your home, add it to a costume, add LEDs into an artwork, or any other project you have in mind!

Education: Learn about STEM, soldering and electronics. This is an intermediate, educational project for your home, MakerSpace, library or classroom. Have questions about using this as an educational tool? Contact the OWL team at the link above. We are here to help!

Soldering required. Battery not included.

Assembly time = 40 minutes

Level: Intermediate, Extend the LEDs for an advanced experience

Key features:

  • Incorporates LED visuals
  • LEDs are extendable up to 20 feet
  • Light sensor included
  • Portable due to battery pack
  • Designed to be easily integrated into other projects
  • Learn about soldering

Suggested for ages: 9 to 99 (and beyond) Our kits are easy and fun to assemble. However, this kit requires the use of a soldering iron so we strongly advise adult supervision during assembly.

Kit contents:

  • 1x Battery Case (AAA) (Batteries Not Included)
  • 9x Resistors (150 OMH)
  • 1x Resistors (10K OMH)
  • 9x ultra-bright LEDs
  • 1x PCB (2x1inch)
  • 1x ATT84 MicroController
  • 1x 10inch Solder Wire
  • 1x Photocell 100 MW 5mm sensor

Detailed step-by-step assembly instructions included under LEARN.

All photos and video taken by Jade Soto.

OWLet 9: Product Video